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Everyone can straighten their eyes and see stereo-optically

The world is changing. Possibilities for new opportunities are increasing due to people becoming more conscious. Evolution proceeds. Wisdom teeth are disappearing in people as they are needed less. As a result, wisdom teeth often don't erupt or erupt crooked because jaws are getting shorter. But when something is disappearing something is also appearing. If in evolution the body of one type of life form can transform into another type of life form, for instance, dinosaur into a bird, it is obvious that unsuitable behaviour and movements can distort as well as straighten. Not only the spine but teeth and eyes too.

Author Dr. M. Vrubliauskas with Prof. I. Rabichev discussing methodology of stereovision training, next to binarimeter.
Introducing professor to stereometer VISUS-4D

Now teeth can be straightened not only for children but for adults too. What is more, teeth can be straightened fast. It takes around six months. For this reason, Americans came up with Short Term Ortho – STO which is being applied by Lithuanians too ( However, it is not always fast. Front teeth move the fastest and people are concerned with these teeth and their straightening the most. In most cases, it is possible. Though in more complex cases it is often necessary for dentists' clients to address conventional orthodontics' specialists. If specialists and clients have proper cooperation, results surpass expectations.

My insight that becoming more conscious increases possibilities to correct disadvantages and distortion of body and mind, was born around 25 years ago in Vilnius University while exploring visual perception – and it proved out. In most cases, it requires training and specialists who could conduct this training. Naturally, it also requires person's interest and consciousness.

Information that Prof. Igor Rabichev in Moscow is straightening eyes to children and adults was known to me since 1992. In some of the stages of training, stereometer VISUS-4D that I created was useful. It needed to be tested and possibly the stereometer could be improved.

In March 2014 we went on a trip together with two girls who were interested in improving stereovision and had already started the training. Even before the trip, Prof. I. Rabichev was happy to welcome us because he had already heard about VISUS-4D and was interested in the stereometer. Professor not only heals strabismus, double-vision, myopia, astigmatism but many other eye and vision disorders as well ( He has been working in this field for around thirty years, had more than 10, 000 patients and only 10 or 0,1% of these patients were not able to significantly improve their vision.

Professor created new visual impairment correction model and has healed people from three to fifty-years-old, including a lot of people with strabismus. The shortest period of time to heal strabismus was two days, while the longest –14 years. Prof. I. Rabichev is a world-renowned expert of vision examination and visual impairment correction, a participant of many science conferences, author of scientific articles and author of new methodologies and devices.

Client next to binarimeter during training

I introduced the scientist to stereometer VISUS-4D and asked him to evaluate it next to similar purpose devices. Audio. I. Rabichev declared that compared to similar purpose devices around the world VISUS-4D takes a leading place because it is integral and connects body position with the vestibular, auditory and somatosensory systems. It is leading because it does not allow the sensory systems to disarrange... it integrates them.

Prof. I. Rabichev wanted to have VISUS-4D to explore its' possibilities and possibly to apply it for visual impairments' elimination and treatment in Russia and the world. We agreed to continue our collaboration in introducing people of Lithuania with an opportunity to significantly improve not only stereovision but life quality too by training vision with binarimeter as well as introducing all interested people to stereometer VISUS-4D which, in some stages of visual impairments elimination, can greatly facilitate and shorten the training.

New charming prospects are opening up for developers and people with impaired vision to not only straighten the eyes but to develop stereovision too.


Dr.Mechislovas Vrubliauskas, information, 26/04/2014


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