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From Body to Soul On Science, Art and Business


Beautiful and healthy life, like the search and discovery of a way leading towards it, fascinates and inspires because we may apply that not only to ourselves, but also more widely in Lithuania and all over the world. My scientific and managerial work directly relates with teeth and eyes like a distant double trip, the impressions of which I am describing below. Teeth take towards body, eyes – towards soul. It seems that eyes are far away from teeth, but life and a man connect both. Insights and conclusions are drawn from here. Teeth are the most lifeless part of the body or matter with all its laws from mathematics to physics and biology. Teeth mostly remain in fossils – stone-hardened remains of organisms witnessing their evolution which has been continuing so far and it is mostly noticeable namely in the teeth. Speaking about them, logic and science are the most appropriate. But logic and science remain lifeless unless they are touched by soul and insight.

Namely an insight helps to open a veil of life and thus to unite soul with body by a live thread. We use the stereometer Visus-4D created by me in dentistry and optometrics, which also allows measuring the balance of insight and logic. It is absolutely new even in the world of science. The truth is that this research interests me the most; however life and people still need more mundane matters. Therefore, I will discuss the use of Visus-4D for measuring the balance of insight in a separate article.

From Body to Soul. My long standing searches and discoveries in the fields of visual perception,   optometrics ir dentistry were followed by a two-week journey to the western US states – Colorado and California. I traveled with dentist Ms. Ingrida Ivance, an owner and head of Aesthetic Dentistry Center “VivaDens” (hereinafter – VivaDens). Threads of stereovision research and science led to Denver, the city of Colorado state, and topics of aesthetic dentistry – health, science and business led to the city of the state of California – San Francisco. I consult VivaDens on issues of technologies, science, law and management. The spectrum is wide, but the vision and insight are needed to get good results in a live field. Even though eyes in a human body are the most distant from teeth, because they are the closest to soul and teeth are the closest to matter, but after a deeper insight we discover that according to the basic laws and principles of birth, growth and reproduction, eyes and teeth are very close. With this insight, new, outer and inner possibilities, deeper valleys and higher peaks are opening themselves. Then not so much is left to move outside to matter and inside to soul. With such understanding an individual becomes more responsible and free like a master.

My outside richness comes from dentistry, inner one and happiness flow from meditation, but eyes and vision unite them. We will have a short look at the trip in the same sequence we have travelled: at the beginning stereovision and scientific conference of optometrics in Denver, then aesthetic dentistry in San Francisco. This involves the depth and height, roots and fruits.

US Science and ARVO conference. Scientific conferences in US are transparent and professional. The poster presentation titled "Research and Training of Stereovision with Integral Feedback" by dr Mecislovas Vrubliauskas and prof. Igor Rabichev was presented at the largest and the most prestigious annual scientific conference worldwide of The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (hereinafter – ARVO) in Denver, the state of Colorado, US on May 3-7, 2015. Hereinafter the abbreviations of international organizations will be used in English because it is easier to find them in web search systems, including Google, for example, ARVO .  Foundation of the presentation is a model of stereometer VISUS-4D method and results confirming their effectiveness. The results are very useful on a way from squint to stereovision and especially for training the latter. As they are discussed separately and they may be found following the reference given above, I will not discuss them here.

Everything in ARVO and its annual conference is very open and transparent, including annual membership fee, quality requirements for conference presentations, membership fee and member rights, terms and conditions of payment and refunds, election and functions of management bodies, etc. Even though life is priceless in itself, but scientific research of health and services have their prices and it is useful to know them. Moreover, prices often spark discussions.

Annual ARVO membership fee and conference participation fee amount to around 250 US dollars each. The fee for any other participant of the conference is also about 500 US dollars. There were about ten thousand of conference participants and over five thousand of those who gave presentations. Rules are accurate and clear. For example, materials for conference presentations must be new, un-published, the size of an abstract – up to 200 words, which might include a picture and a poster presentation itself must not exceed 600 words. Late presentations are not accepted, photographs and advertisement are very limited.

An open forum operates continuously on the association’s website which cares for gathering of all significant information on the association and annual ARVO conference and its transmission via the Internet and e-mails. Everybody sees everything, may offer, organize, ask and respond. That considerably improves cooperation and results.

Money is taken into account in ARVO environment, but it is not much talked about. Everything certainly has its price. Good things are not cheap. One Indian scientist made some complaints on the forum that in addition to high fares, as he viewed them, one needs to pay an extra fee for group practical and specialized training. It is too much, according to him. Nobody initiated a discussion on that. If you want to have it cheaper in the US, just do it yourself: organize a conference and reduce fees.

For the sake of comparison to ARVO fees, I will present the fees of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry – AACD, the second conference I took part in. A full fee for a dentist and a member of AACD amounts to 1785 USD, for a non-member – 2290 USD and that for a team member – 695 USD. These numbers clearly show that fees of the scientific and business conference of AACD are nearly four times as high as those of ARVO and nobody complained about them. There is no space for complaining. If you do not like it, do not take part or organize it yourself cheaper. At AACD all special events and sessions are included, but it is hard to get a place at the best ones. Once registration for the events gets announced, all the places are filled up in a few days. One needs to be on watch and in a hurry.

Some information on teams, participants and terms. A team member can be a member of a team or clinic of an AACD member, who is already a conference participant as he has paid a conference fee, and he or she is entitled to a discount of the fee. Currently we do not have a good, widely-spread Lithuanian word to match an English word “team”. The use of word “komanda” (translation of an English word ‘team’, close to English “command”) is not very suitable, as commands and orders do not exist in science as well as at VivaDens environment. Thus, until we find a better word or term, we will continue using an international word “team” or Lithuanian jungë for that matter.

Habits and their Consequences. Rather often people get attached to antiquities, traditions and inconveniences to such extent that they even fail to notice that. I will give an example. There were over five thousand presentations at the conference. The size of a poster was 180 x 110 cm. The Americans offered to print posters in the US for 150 - 300 USD depending on quality and urgency, or bring them on your own. It is evident that it is impossible to carry on board of a plane a poster of this size. It also does not fit your luggage. At the conference a poster had to be affixed with pins only. I gave a fresh look at the situation and a solution became evident right away. I divided my poster into three parts, each 65 - 110 cm size and wrapped it into 65 cm long roll. That was easy and it fitted my average size luggage. For my big surprise nobody divided a poster in such a way and brought large, expensive and inconvenient posters instead. Meanwhile, to print, transport and hang three short posters was cheaper, more convenient and reliable.

The second thing that surprised me at ARVO scientific conference was that the majority of posters were on chemistry, genetics, biology of diseases and their treatment. Thousands of diseases and just one health. Only a dozen of posters, including mine, were on health and training. Soo Han, a scientist and surgeon from South Korea, who had his poster displayed next to me, also was more inclined to train eyes, rather than to perform a surgery. Therefore, he was interested in my poster presentation.

After six-year primary school, six-year secondary school, followed by six years at university and three years in military service in South Korea, he started to work on his own and write a doctoral dissertation. That is typical in the South Korea. He told me that specialists in that country have very narrow specializations. He knows how to perform surgery, but does not really know why. He lacks fundamental knowledge. They feel great respect to their leaders. All his activity and scientific financing lay in the hands of a professor. A Japanese professor approached my poster presentation and asked for a copy in case a broader publication is released. He seemed to be a head of this professor. A peer scientist looked too strained to communicate freely with him.

The exhibition featuring the cutting-edge achievements in optometrics, orthoptics and ophthalmology was active at the conference. In a few places I checked the acuity of my stereovision which is usually measured to no more than up to one or a half of angular minute. The exhibition review has shown that in optometrics, orthoptics and ophthalmology currently there is no better device for testing static and dynamic stereovision and especially for its training than my stereometer VISUS-4D.

We use the stereometer when recruiting for a job at VivaDens, because an assistant and a dentist work with four-hands and harmonization of their movements is very important to achieve a high-quality result. The stereometer is also applied for establishment and training of stereovision of current and future specialists, because the results of drivers, surgeons, sportsmen, etc. depend much on stereovision. As well as their fortune and misfortune. That is very important when choosing a profession and coordinating it with current stereovision and its training.

AACD Conference. It is wonderful to take part in one conference, but it is amazing to participate in two different science and art conferences of the highest quality. Even though the fees and trip to the AACD conference may seem high, but science and novelties buy off like growing a tree or garden in a new way.

It is only life that creates novelties and science and pays for them with harvest and life. Not only do life and man develop and evolve, but also their products – science and technologies. They are also getting more economical and ecologic. Creative dentists swiftly transfer that into their practice. Why do we follow a hard and ugly path if we can build and follow a beautiful one?

People are in search for higher quality, more aesthetic and cheaper fillings, restorations, implants, toothpastes, etc. Dentistry science, technologies, art and practice follows all these directions in essence. That, first and foremost, can be seen at AACD. Unfortunately, Europe and other continents are behind the US in this respect.

VivaDens and AACD. I and dentist Ingrida Ivance have participated in four AACD conferences and we have brought back home something very new and important for the Lithuanian clients and those from all over the world. In 2011 Six-Months Smile orthodontic treatment and possibilities of accreditation studies of the highest class were brought this way. There we verified a place of CEREC, a digital teeth reconstruction system we have already chosen, in a flow of digital CAD and CAM technologies. Created by the Germans, CEREC technology proved to be the most promising because it combines scanning – data reading, processing, projection and manufacturing and it functions in digital space. The more because they also created a digital 3D X-Ray apparatus which is compatible with CEREC technology. Thus, now it is possible to join teeth implantation with restoration from both sides in the best way. That is what we do at VivaDens.

In this year’s AACD conference dentist I.Ivance was most interested in Digital Smile Design (DSD) and Digital Smile Manufacturing (DSM) lectures with real examples. There are many in the world who have been talking about DSD as well as about aesthetic dentistry for several years, but real examples are scarce. But AACD 2015 conference showed real and convenient digital ways, which have already been implemented in VivaDens. The results we get seem to be impressive. We are going to publish more on this also on VivaDens website in the nearest future.

It makes no sense to talk separately on DSD without implementation and reconstruction of a real smile. Implementation of both DSD and DSM together make up the digital smile reconstruction. Therefore, when we have in mind design and implementation of teeth and smile, we call that Digital Smile Reconstruction, DSR. In aesthetic dentistry, reconstruction is when a tooth is not only restored but it is also made more beautiful. DSR is a new level of aesthetic dentistry to clients and dentists.

The main advantage of DSR and other digital technologies is that they enable nearly utmost precision of transmission of information and energy as well as precision of transformation. Besides, the errors do not accumulate in course of transmission and transformation. There has been an immense gap between words and works so far. Currently, however, the implementation is becoming also possible in Lithuania. This fascinates and inspires.

Management and AACD. AACD looks impressive in the flow of science, technologies and aesthetics. AACD looks good in the fields of marketing and soft management, but at VivaDens we make a greater progress. How? In addition to the fact that we use reliable, the most economical and ecologic materials and instruments in all technologies, we manage to achieve the best quality and price ration, the balance prevails everywhere at VivaDens. There is responsibility and balance between a client, employees and VivaDens. And it functions well.

The balance which is present at VivaDens cannot be directly shaped even by the Lithuanian law. The Lithuanian law and government tend to treat our clinic as a pure business entity, which seeks the highest profit, and during legal proceedings they talk more with themselves, criminals and angels than with VivaDens and real clients. I have already written about the ignorance of the Lithuanian legal institutions and corruption in my publication titled GESO Dialogue. Unfortunately, the Lithuanian government and law think and believe that they can resolve the problem if they execute justice with rigidity and force. Some clients and employees are inclined to behave in a similar way. Some others believe in indulgence. However, both presumptions are homicidal. A good decision is only when balance exists among all the parties. AACD lacks this in terms of the degree and scale it exists at VivaDens. At AACD a goal and efforts, work and results prevail. Soft management of AACD is moving towards a direction of balance, but it has not succeeded to reach it yet.

The balance between a client, employee and employers, among efforts and relaxation inspire and make us incredibly healthy. In fact, a live, real relaxation shows a quality of balance. This balance leads through logic and knowing beyond the both, where thoughtless balance – silence and peace prevail. We know that science and technologies lead us to the greatest possible precision, effectiveness and benefit. But life is beyond them and we know how to protect, grow and heal it.

Between the Scientific Conferences in the USA and Lithuania. It is useful to compare some aspects of the science, conferences and business in the USA and Lithuania. Vast movements, global communication and sharing prevail in the US. As in the Universe and nature, so it is among people. The US has considerably higher transparency and less corruption. Everything is much more transparent. Lithuania stages a fight with shadow. But a shadow economy shrinks and disappears only when a government is less or not corrupt. A shadow economy follows corruption like shadow – the Sun. The same is true in Greece, Mexico and Lithuania, and all over the world. It is a law like Newton‘s Third Law – action equals reaction. The same is in a body, mind and economy.

For science and results to thrive, superstitions, traditions and beliefs must fade. Enormous advantage of the US conferences is that the US does not protect persons, organizations or beliefs. Due to equality, freedom and progress, teaching of faith and religion as well as their panegyric in general are prohibited at state schools by the US Constitution. I have first read about this in a book of one of the most prominent British scientists, Stephen Hawking, titled “The Grand Design” (page 165) and only then I checked that myself in the US Constitution. Teaching of faith is banned at the US state schools. Meanwhile, faiths are put forward in schools of underdeveloped countries and Lithuania. In Lithuania, religious education is at the top of the subject list in a grading book and priests preach at conferences. It is impossible in the US because science is global, and faith is local and it always contradicts science on a global scale. That needs to be changed or a situation will be getting worse.

During the similar time like ARVO and AACD conferences, the conference of Ethics, Legal Regulation and Liability in Medicine and Dentistry took place in Lithuania, where one of the first and main lecturers was a priest, surgeon, doctor of humanitarian sciences, prof. Andrius Narbekovas.

I will note only a few unfounded and false statements made by the professor. "The man himself does not change. People have always been the same and this is our starting point." That is not true, because a man is changing and evolving, and his mind is undergoing an even greater evolution. It was announced in 2014 that the teaching of biblical creationism is banned at all UK schools (copy) because it has no truth, no science.

The second false statement of the professor is as follows: "Namely the wellbeing of a patient is the goal of a doctor and medicine itself." It looks like the priest lacks basic knowledge and experience of mathematics, physics, biology and psychology. How can a sincere and wise man create the good to another person without creating it for himself? This way a principle of equality is violated, the very foundation of all equations and equalities, science, knowledge and existence. Equality exists and upholds itself, non-equality needs to be supported. Thus, an attempt to deny a balance of good between yourself and a patient is only scholasticism and a mistake.

I will comment on the third, but not the last false statement of prof. A. Narbekovas: "The question would arise whether nonbeliever cannot be good specialists and much devoted to their work? <...> If a man does not have faith and love for his neighbor, it will look unreasonable." Here the priest talks about the Christians and non- Christians. I only will mention what sticks out like a sore thumb to a man and a scientist. The Christian priests enforce an original sin and guilt to a man. It is logical, scientific and legal nonsense. In a modern language it is a racket – the announcement of guilt and salvation without any facts, logic and justice. This way presumption of innocence is violated. Such statements are at least brain washing for adults and a crime - for kids. It is known that neither salvation, nor Christianity are needed without guilt. Matters common to people are needed, such as food, health, joy, happiness, and often even love or compassion.

From Logic to Insight. Medicine and life primarily function according to logic. Logic, science and my experience clearly tell me that equality and sensitivity lead a mantowards equal behaviour with himself and others. It is an answer that sensitivity of services to oneself and the other also must be equal. This is the only way for sensitivity and wisdom to exist. Here faith will only distort sensitivity in the direction of faith. It will increase it for my neighbors and reduce it for others. That will cause anxiety, tensions, corruption and shadow, or even terror and wars. Our history and current events show that.

Science, business and art bring immense riches to our homes and place them on our table or even into our hands. These are grand achievements which not only feed and clothe us, but also inspire us for even more magnificent actions. Riches of the Earth, the Moon and even the most distant planets of the solar system are within a hand’s reach of a modern man. Sometimes perhaps only on a TV or PC screen. Like equality and compassion. Anyway, nothing that is outside, even the most magnificent matters, bring much joy and happiness inside us. Thus, the movement faster and further and greater possession fail to satisfy us. Even, abusive eating keeps on bringing us more damage than benefit. And seeing further causes more anxiety.

My insight tells me that healthy and beautiful teeth and eyes are wonderful. Science, business and art are excellent. But only alongside with moving within, from body and science towards our own inside. Equality and sensitivity as well as very sensitive balance of body and mind and going beyond them – the search for joy and happiness bring us there. They come from there.



Dr. Mechislovas Vrubliauskas, 15-08-2015

English translation, 21-11-2015


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