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Insight and vision of stereovision has proved out from the body to the soul

Slowly but easily and surely, and here to stay. Knowledge itself is not as important in life and in science as the ability to know how to use that knowledge. It sets you free from slavery, misery and diseases. Moreover, it leads you towards joy and happiness. The insight and this article are on the subject.

In terms of time, the embodiment of an insight ant truth often reminds of planting, growing and the evolution. In some cases, like in nature - evolution or phylogenesis, it may take up to hundreds of millions of years for historic development of various organisms, their types and classes, including human beings, to take place. In other cases, it may be very fast, like in ontogenesis – the development of an organism from its fertilization to its mature form, and may take from few to several months only. In evolution, changes in body are always followed by changes in genome.

Bodies in different stages of phylogenesis
Bodies in different stages of ontogenesis

This publication referes to fast, easy and reliable development, good health, beauty and happiness. Why? Because it discusses methods proposed by evolution, ontogenesis and even physics, chemistry, and biology. There are different biological, physical and chemical processes taking place in the human body, cells and their energetics, when a person feeling fear, anger or joy, for example, squeezes and then relaxes his hand. In the case of fear or anger, the body is being disrupted, while in the second case the body is experiencing positive development and treatment. These differences occur in mouth, teeth and eyes, at the times of different emotions and actions.

Ontogenesis is a lifelong process. The first insight of this article is that the possibilities of evolution and ontogenesis as well as cooperation of cells and organs does not end with one's birth, it is a lifelong process. That is the main reason people are able to straighten their eyes and teeth not only in their childhood but also later on in life, when the consciousness increases and people take full responsibility for themselves and learn to cooperate not only with their bodies inside but with relevant knowledge, natural laws and experts outside.

Eyes can be straightened in a time span from a few months to a few years. . Photography: Igor Rabichev©

Teeth can also be straightened in the same amount of time; in this case – 6 months. Photography: VivaDens©

However, it takes more than a surgery to straighten the eyes, because surgical eye straightening does not guarantee 3-dimentional vision.

The second insight is to create a suitable device – VISUS-4D - to help individuals improve and develop their stereovision and stereoactivity. The foundation of new possibilities and well-being is the ongoing cooperation of the both eyes, the teeth in the upper and the lower jaws and even genes, cells, body, mind and consciousness. New type of electron microscopes allows us to see the dance of the organelles within the cells, while beauty, stereoactivity, and occlusion allow us to notice results of eye or teeth straightening, for example. Stereovision, stereoactivity and improved look reassure a better quality of life.

An insight born in 1988 proved out and opened up many new opportunities in the last few decades. While this insight was becoming the vision - particular actions, it was very important not to get lost in false paths, to see what was leading towards good health and well-being. It was very important to know how long it takes for certain results to take place, what can happen and what must happen. For instance, if a person knows where he is going it will take him half an hour to walk a 3 km distance, and if it takes much longer – that means a person is lost. Two directions were chosen in order to provide reliable results – to work on and observe straightening of both eyes and teeth in upper and lower jaws until stereovision and correct occlusion of the teeth are achieved. Furthermore, it is from the soul to the body, because the eyes are the closest to the soul, while the teeth are the most distant from the soul as they remind of dead matter the most. Spiritually, all other organs and cells of the body are in between eyes and teeth which means that if something works on eyes or teeth it will work on any other part of the body as well. After all, Newton came up with universal gravitation law after noticing that the Moon and the apple falling from a tree, both are affected by the same force of attraction.

The insight was based on general laws and processes of nature which meant that this insight should work similarly in practice too. Life revealed that it only takes from few months to few years to straighten eyes or teeth. It only requires some small appropriate continuous force or training. And the more proper, the more conscious and deeper cooperation with the process , the better the results.

While reading this article you should keep a few more things in view. First, stereovision development, measuring and training, orthoptics and optometry are the main focus of the article. Second, teeth are only mentioned in order to provide a better understanding of straightening process of the eyes in comparison to the teeth. Third, in practice, it is easier to achieve positive results while working on both eyes or both jaws simultaneously than working on them individually, because they cooperate from inside and from outside. Fourth, in life and in practice, while using teeth or eyes, people not only move in a real four-dimensional space (three orthogonal axis and time) but also move through their body and mind to consciousness. Fifth, the best results can be achieved if we harmonise our actions from the whole organism to the individual cell biology, chemistry, physics and from the consciousness to the body. If all of this is achieved, then results are beyond expectations and a person can enjoy a better quality of life, well-being and happiness.


From past to present, from body to soul. Usually, a person is looking through both his eyes and is able to see three-dimensional or stereo scene. This way we see the most important things in life and our safety - forms, movement and perspective. Colours and shadows help to understand space indirectly. With one eye covered vision becomes flat. Around 10-20% of the population see flat picture, because they do not have binocular vision or stereovision. 2-4% of the population have strabismus. Around 20% of car accidents and more than 100-200 billion dollar damage occur due to a lack of stereovision every year.

Stereovision is of high importance to some professions: surgeons, dentists, drivers, pilots, tourists, sportsmen, etc. Foto: VISUS-4D© Video

In order to operate successfully, stereovision is of great importance to some professions that require working or moving in three dimensions, for example, pilots, drivers, sportsmen, tourists, surgeons, dentists etc. It may be even more important while working in teams where working with high precision, coordination and harmony between all team members is essential. If a person doesn't know his/her acuity of stereovision, he/she may make a mistake while choosing profession. Without stereovision, not only work, but life quality is also affected. In many professions and situations in life it is important to know not only your stereovision acuity but stereoactivity accuracy (VISUS-4D) as well. For instance, researches from South African Republic in special research discovered that in cases where driver's stereovision was less than 150 arcseconds or 2.5 arcminute, the driver was more likely to get into an accident. Thus, driver's stereovision improvement and development significantly increases safety while driving and quality of life. Agne says: "I am so happy after the vision training to finally have stereovision, but mostly I am happy for how my driving has improved. I feel safer and more attentive, I feel that my concentration while driving has improved and thus my mind wanders off less often". Video


Nowadays eye and vision studies and practice (optometry, orthoptics and ophthalmology) reveal that good stereovision can be acquired despite a person having strabismus, amblyopia or other eye illness. However, it requires effort, training and cooperation with the appropriate specialist. Unfortunately, old attitudes and beliefs of vision specialists and their patients often stand in the way of stereovision development.

On The Children's Vision Information Network USA optometrists explain results of an wide research on optometry carried out in 2003. The results show that the two main optometrists' opinions on stereovision treatment - 1. One eye has to be patched in order for the other eye to start working; 2. Children older than 6 years cannot be treated anymore – both are out-dated and false. Results of 93% of the lazy or weak eye cases revealed that positive long-term results can be achieved with combination of vision therapy, glasses and patching of one eye. In one of the cases, a 66-year-old woman acquired stereovision only after three months of vision therapy and it had a positive impact on her life More about stereovision development in adults.

Professor Igor Rabichev from Moscow is able to achieve even better results – more than 99% of his clients develop stereovision. To achieve this he uses self-developed instrument called binarimeter. He has healed more than 10 000 people aged 5 – 55 in a time span from two days to fourteen years. According to the professor, France and Italy are the only countries in Europe that take more advantage of stereovision development opportunities.

Rasa started acquiring stereovision after 9 months of training. Photography: VISUS-4D©

Recent research and practice reveal that in most cases stereovision can be trained even if there is any doubt or fear. Director of Visual Development Centre in Klaipeda Laima Baranauskiene who is working on a vision development project with several Dutch optometrists suggests that, for example, Dutch patients perceive stereovision development cautiously due to possible double-vision effect. Nonetheless, this effect indicates that the other eye is starting to see thus the patient should not be worried but vice versa – to use it. Besides, it can be solved easily.

Rasa was born stereo blind and a few years ago she started having double-vision. In cases like that not fear, but insight is needed. She started training her stereovision with professor I. Rabichev in the end of 2013 as I suggested. Six months later she began training with my invention - stereometer VISUS-4D; and now, nine months later, she can enjoy developed partial stereo vision which brings her joy while driving or watching movies in 3D. Such results are very inspiring and pleasing. Professor I. Rabichev (Binarimeter) also noticed that vision improvement is much more effective if the weaker eye is not patched but has to cooperate with the good eye. He says: "Training is essential because symmetric eye positioning requires retraining of the brain. The surgeon can only make eyes symmetric cosmetically. However, if a patient wants to maintain such symmetry, he has to do quite long vision training".

Science has not yet located the part of the brain where images perceived by both eyes are merged together although it is thought to be 5th or 6th layer of the cerebral cortex. One thing is clear, two images merged together become single image in consciousness. It is easier to observe and many insights are born if stereovision, stereo movements and insights are being explored while meditating or in a meditative state.

The present and the possibilities of teeth straightening. . A look at the straightening of teeth will allow a deeper understanding of the straightening of eyes. When a second point is added to the first one, we get a line and a direction. This way insights and vision were born and embodied, because the author of this article has been working with both subjects for more than 20 years and has contributed to both teeth and eye problem solving. His suggestions and insights have proved out (VISUS-4D, STO).

Orthodontics today. Not that long ago even the dentists believed that teeth can be straightened only in young age and that it takes a long time to achieve that. However, more than a decade ago most dentists changed their opinions because research and practice revealed that it is possible to straighten teeth at any age and the process does not take that long. Situation in dentistry is improving more rapidly than in vision science and practice. Orthodontists in progressive countries are straightening teeth for people from young years to any age and it does not take long (STO), sometimes only takes 6 months or so. Moreover, teeth straightening is an easier procedure than eye straightening because in eye correction patient's involvement and consciousness is of great importance, it is similar to the one of orthoptist's, while in teeth straightening orthodontist's consciousness is enough. It is fascinating and important that most things that work on teeth straightening work on eye straightening too. Furthermore, it has its own consequences and reasons as mentioned above.

Teeth were straightened in 7.5 month. Photography: VivaDens©

To become the creator of your beauty and health from the body to the soul. Edita, mother of a few-year-old-boy with strabismus, says that ophthalmologists are not planning to train stereovision for the boy .


Joana, a typhlo pedagogue in a Vision Development Centre in Klaipeda, together with an ophthalmologist trained a group of several selected preschool children. Joana noticed that after 6 months of training with VISUS-4D one of the girls developed stereovision. Thus, both science and life are in favour of responsible human beings being the creators of their own health and beauty from the teeth to the eye – from the body to the soul. Let's use this wisdom and these opportunities . To be continued in the near future.


Dr. Mecislovas Vrubliauskas, the creator of stereometer VISUS-4D, 26/10/2014


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